Open Everyday from 12:00pm to 2:00AM

Auld Dubliner

Long Beach's favorite neighborhood pub

Sports, whiskey, music and Guinness on tap, at the Long Beach’s favorite neighborhood pub located in the heart of downtown, The Pike. With live music 6 days a week, trivia, weekly specials, and California’s largest whiskey collection, Auld Dubliner offers a unique and fun experience for everyone who walks through the pub’s doors. 

The STory behind the Pub!

In April 2004, Eric Johnson, a Long Beach native and David Copley, born and raised in Limerick, Ireland got together and founded the Auld Dubliner. Both of these gentlemen had a strong affinity for supporting the local city of Long Beach with a place that served one purpose; to provide an authentic contemporary Irish pub featuring a collection of great food, great drinks and a comfortable atmosphere. Located in the heart of Downtown Long Beach, The Pike. Come experience live music, trivia nights, weekly specials and stay for the warm Irish welcome and hospitality all supplied by your white-aproned hero, the Publican (Master of the House).

“A pub is where one goes to primarily socialize and perhaps enjoy a drink while doing so. A bar is where one goes to have a drink and perhaps socialize along the way” -David Copley

With one of the largest whiskey collections in all of Southern California, Auld Dubliner is the neighborhood pub to come sit down with a group of friends and talk about sports over a pint of Guinness.

Publican serving a drink at the pub!

Live Events

From traditional Irish music to Trivia Night and everything in between, Auld Dubliner offers entertainment for everyone to enjoy

Arsenal America
Official Pub

We are also the “official” Westside host of the Arsenal soccer watch party! Check

Largest Irish
Whiskey Selection

The Auld Dubliner is home to one of the largest Whiskey Collections in California! Offering over 100 unique whiskeys

Publicans Message

“In small Irish rural communities, the grocer, draper, or even the local blacksmith would often double as the local Pub with both businesses side by side under the same roof. Customers stopping by for supplies would quickly revive their flagging spirits by engaging in conversation with other shoppers over a pint of Guinness. One corner of the shop would be set aside for this purpose, furnished with simple wooden tables or benches arranged around a black potbellied stove that burns non-stop through the winter.

The planked floors were worn smooth near the fire and by the bar. All around were dark, ceiling-to-floor wooden shelves cluttered with every conceivable foodstuff and commodity. The white-aproned “Publican” (master of the house), who was also the shopkeeper, would pour pints of Guinness for his customers; most of them having forgotten what it was they had come in for. Oil lamps suspended from wood-paneled ceilings would send shadows flickering across the uneven walls and over tea containers, hardware, boiled sweets, binder twine, and barrels of Guinness and whiskey.

The Auld Dubliner , Long Beach, strives to recreate this ambiance in a contemporary setting featuring both traditional and modern cuisines and beverages. One aspect that stays immortal is the warm Irish welcome and hospitality.


Find Us

The Auld Dubliner
71 S Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802

The Auld Dubliner is located on Pine Street at the world-famous Pike! Located right across the street from the Long Beach Convention Center, and equidistant from Shoreline and Downtown Long Beach. A perfect place for you to have a late-night meal and a drink from our large selection of whiskey!