Twisted At The Pike

Date: Saturday, August 1 2015
Location: The Pike Outlets

Time: 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Pine & Shoreline Drive, Long Beach, California 90802
Talented freaks and creepy carny folk return this year to bring patrons a thrilling, carnival-centric journey complete with live music, tribal fire belly dancing, strolling magicians, stilt walkers and more. Using the iconic Ferris wheel at The Pike Outlets as an appropriate backdrop, concert-goers can bathe in the sounds of incredible music, explore the beer garden, and grub through an assortment of local food. Part of the Summer and Music Fest.
• Fartbarf
• Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel
• Rudy de Anda
• Tennis System
• Litronix
• Better Heroes
• DJ Bix
• Sirena Serpentina