Come see George Fryers at Auld Dubliner

George Fryer sings and plays guitar & piano, writes and plays music professionally solo and with the George Fryer Combo.

George was started on classical piano at age 5 by his mother Nan (a singer/dancer in the USO) and father Steve (trumpet player), dabbling in trumpet and right-handed classical guitar until pushed aside by baseball & basketball in junior high. As a freshman he found a left handed Fender bass and has played music non-stop ever since. In high school he played bass in Chablis and in college switched to guitar, forming the Aardvarks, Finks, Tories and eventually Peace Corp.

After a stern letter from the government organization, hard rocking Peace Corps was changed to Peace Corp. and remained active until 2001, signing to RCA subsidiary Subsonic Records and releasing four EP’s and one full length CD, also appearing on nearly 20 compilations. Meanwhile another band George helped form and left (Tories) became the Shrinky Dinx and then Sugar Ray whom he played off and on with from 1990 to 1999, culminating in the U.S. tour chronicled in the OC Weekly.

George Fryer officially became a solo artist in 2000 with the release of critically acclaimed Decaf, a softer-tinged CD that set the precedent for a successful acoustic career. He concurrently played in the band Tub whose breakup provided the members of the newly formed George Fryer Combo, The Combo released six CDs since 2001 and has become an Orange County/Long Beach scene staple.